the good we secure for ourselves is precarious and uncertain"
it is secured for all of us and incorporated into
"our common lif

"Jane Addams"


Our vision is summarized in five core values, which resonate at Klass Security Consult Limited (KSCL); These are





 Family Company Values*

As we look at our history, we see a story of how our core values work together and are the source of our success.

Through a planned strategy of managing business developement, we deliver consistent quality service to our clients. In so doing we grow the business to the benefit of our company, customer and employee alike

Why you should choose Klass Security

  •  Liability

    Klass Security maintains insurance that is well beyond the minimium aggregate coverage obtained by most of our competitors. We uses an international insurance carrier to ensure full force coverage at a level that far exceeds industry standards.

  •  24x7 Hours Customer Service

    Klass Security stands above other competitors with our comprehensive pricing scale. We provide an open line of communication with our clientele 24X7 365 days. Klass Secuirty is a client focused company and always strives for perfection in reaching for our goals.

  • Federal Government Licensed

    Klass Security, is currently licensed by the Federal Government Agencies and has functional operational offices across the nation

We are simply the best

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Special Combat Training for our security personnel


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